söndag 4 juli 2010

1 store - Bisou

Hello! New category again; sometimes I will do an outfit which I have brought together with items from only 1 store. What should we call the category? Any tips? For now we can call it; 1 store. Hahah, makes sense huh?
All of the items are from Bisou.
Tunic - 6 stardollars (only superstars)
Purse - 5 stardollars (NOT superstar)
Shoes - 4 stardollars (NOT superstar)
= 15 stardollars
What do you think of the look? I know it doesn't really "match/go together" but I like anyway, it's kind of the point actually. I think it's a simple look. Though I would of prefered if the bag didn't look a bit weird...

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