fredag 31 december 2010

Which dress...?

Well, today is New Years Eve, as you might have noticed. And, I don't know if you guys do this, but I always wear something special at Stardoll for New Years, hahah. So, my question is which dress I should wear? I've picked out some of my dresses, these in the picture. I think it's leaning towards the yellow one with glitter, from old ELLE, but I'm still not sure.

If you're wondering where I've bought a dress in the picture, ask in a comment! :)


fredag 17 december 2010


Hi! I'm sooo sorry for not updating! I'm getting tired of excusing myself, hahah, but I've totally forgotten about this blog...

Anyways, now that Stardoll has a christmas-calendar, I spend more time there. What do you think of the stuff in the calendar so far..? I don't know, some things are nice, but nothing special...

I wanted to show you guys a make-up I've done to my stardoll;

I've used:
Lengthening Mascara, 2.
Space Rose Shade Stick, 9. Black Eye Kohl, 6. White Collection Eyepencil, 6.
Fusion Coral Blush, 8.
Flame Red Lipstick, 8.
(everything's from Dot and for superstars)
I hope you liked it!
I don't know when I'll be back for another update, so;
Merry christmas and a happy new year! e

söndag 12 september 2010


Hi! Again, it has been waaay too long since I wrote. I'm sorry for that.

Anyway, I guess you haven't missed all the new stores at Stardoll? I haven't been at Stardoll for ages so I had missed it all... Mortal Kiss, Couture Tribute, Herve Leger, and new (and sold out) items at LE.

The clothes are very unique, but again, only for superstars. Which sucks for the rest of us. Well well. Most of the Mortal Kiss' clothes are for non-superstars too.

lördag 28 augusti 2010

Fudge Dress - Copycat

Dress to the left; A dress found at, brand "Motel"
Dress to the right; From Stardoll, at "Fudge", 14 stardollars.

fredag 20 augusti 2010

OUTFIT August 20th

Hi! I'm sorry I haven't updated so much, school has started and I don't really have time...

Anyways, here is an outfit for you ;

Dress - Bisou, 3 stardollars (not available anymore)
Bracelet - got it for free a long time ago.
Peace Sign Bracelet - OTTO, 3 stardollars (not available)
Shoes - (NEW!) Pretty in Pink, 5 stardollars (available for everyone)

Hope you like it! ;)

lördag 14 augusti 2010

Party Shoes - Voile

Week's tip - these shoes from Voile! I have a pair myself, and I love them. The best part is that you can buy them even if you're not a superstar!

Price: 5 stardollars.

onsdag 11 augusti 2010

Bikini inspired by Chloé

Hi! This item isn't really a copycat, more likely "inspired by...".
The bikini from Stardoll is available at Splash - swimwear, and the white bikini is from Chloé.