fredag 31 december 2010

Which dress...?

Well, today is New Years Eve, as you might have noticed. And, I don't know if you guys do this, but I always wear something special at Stardoll for New Years, hahah. So, my question is which dress I should wear? I've picked out some of my dresses, these in the picture. I think it's leaning towards the yellow one with glitter, from old ELLE, but I'm still not sure.

If you're wondering where I've bought a dress in the picture, ask in a comment! :)


fredag 17 december 2010


Hi! I'm sooo sorry for not updating! I'm getting tired of excusing myself, hahah, but I've totally forgotten about this blog...

Anyways, now that Stardoll has a christmas-calendar, I spend more time there. What do you think of the stuff in the calendar so far..? I don't know, some things are nice, but nothing special...

I wanted to show you guys a make-up I've done to my stardoll;

I've used:
Lengthening Mascara, 2.
Space Rose Shade Stick, 9. Black Eye Kohl, 6. White Collection Eyepencil, 6.
Fusion Coral Blush, 8.
Flame Red Lipstick, 8.
(everything's from Dot and for superstars)
I hope you liked it!
I don't know when I'll be back for another update, so;
Merry christmas and a happy new year! e