onsdag 30 juni 2010

tisdag 29 juni 2010

Outfit - June 29th

Hi! I thought we would begin with a new category, Outfits. As you see we've only had "Copycat" before. So here you go;

Headwear - Splendid, 4 stardollars.
Dress - Available at StarBazaar (I bought it for 3 stardollars)
Bracelet - Voile, 2 stardollars.
Shoes - Bisou, 4 stardollars.
= 13 stardollars

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söndag 27 juni 2010

Stripe Wedge Shoes - Minimarket - Copycat

This time we have a pair of shoes from the brand Minimarket, which is a Swedish brand. You can find the shoes here.

Everyone who got them in Stardoll, got them for free. But you can find them in StarBazaar.
They're called the "Stripe Wedge Shoes". But be careful, don't buy them for a high price, I got them for only 3 stardollars ;)

lördag 26 juni 2010

Cherry Print Frock - Moschino - Copycat.

This time we have a Moschino dress!
At Stardoll you can find it at Pretty in Pink for 14 stardollars, for superstars. It's called Cherry Print Frock.

fredag 25 juni 2010

Happy Midsummer!

The picture has a very bad quality, I know...

Have you checked out the midsummer-items and clothes yet in Stardoll?
Happy midsummer to you all! :)

torsdag 24 juni 2010

Brown Bag - Topshop - Copycat.

Bag from Topshop.com
Stardoll - The bag can be found in StarBazaar (not available in Starplaza anymore)

(I know that the items so far are all from topshop.com but there will be other brands in a few days, so come back soon!)

Flame Shoulder Shift - Rio. Copycat.

Stardoll - Flame Shoulder Shift - Rio - 15 stardollars (superstar)

onsdag 23 juni 2010

Limited Edition Bag - Topshop - Copycat.

Stardoll - Tassled Bucket Bag (I think it's called...) -
Limited Edition - (not for sale anymore)

Printed Dress - Fudge - Copycat


Stardoll - Printed Dress - Fudge - 13 stardollars (superstar)

Life at Stardoll

Hi! This is a blog about life at Stardoll. You'll get to see outfits, tips about clothes, where the stardoll-staff got their inspiration from for clothes in Starplaza, and alot more! Hope you'll like it. Follow the blog with Bloglovin'.